Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Front and back-lit channel letters create striking illumination for channel letter signage.

If your client is looking for a dramatic illumination on their sign, our front and back lit channel letter sign might be the perfect option. Rather than just being lit from the front or from the back, the effect is slightly different and more dramatic than illuminating from either side.

How our front/back lit letter signs are made: to ensure the quality of our front and back lit channel letter signs, our letters are C.S.A and U.L Listed, and we use only high-quality materials to produce your sign.


Front/Back Lit Channel Letter Sign Options:

3/16” Acrylic Faces

1” Trim Cap

Raceway Mounted


UL & C.S.A approved

*Nonstandard letters may also be created according to your project specifications.

3”, 5” Aluminum Returns

½”-2” Stand-Offs

1/8” Lexan Backs Vinyl

Digital Print Flush

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Front lit channel letters

Front lit channel letters use lights to illuminate the face of the letters, usually with a translucent acrylic face.. It's a quick and easy way to get noticed!


Reverse lit channel letters

Often called "halo" or "backlit" letters, reverse lit channel letter signs are mounted away from the wall, causing the light to form a halo effect behind the sign.


led channel letters

Channel letters are typically illuminated with LED (light emitting diodes). The past few years have seen a massive increase in LED lighting as an illumination source.


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